Laurie Chance Smith has worked as a nationally and internationally published writer for many years. Her stories, articles, essays, and photographs have graced the pages of children's and adults' magazines such as The School Magazine, Sasee, Kids' Ministry Ideas, Focus on the Family Clubhouse, Listen, Boys' Quest, Fun for Kidz, BackHome, and TWINS Magazine. Her books include Snapshots: Focus on Nature in the Bible and Around Veal's Station: An Illustrated History of Parker County's Oldest Town.

Laurie’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science from Texas Christian University and a Master of Science from the University of Texas at Arlington. Laurie enjoys her career as an author because it allows her to be a professional student. Through her writing, Laurie learns something new every day. Her eclectic skills allow her to write in myriad genres and for a wide range of audiences, from children to adults.

When she’s not writing, Laurie spends her time gardening, hiking, or practicing yoga. Laurie lives in Texas with her husband James, twin sons Luke and Joshua, a three-pound poodle named Annie, and several goldfish in her secret garden pond.

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