Strap on some sturdy shoes, sling a camera around your neck, and let’s take a journey together. As we walk, we'll capture snapshots of the nature stories in the Bible. From the tiniest seeds that grow on Earth to the luminous stars that shine in the sky, Snapshots explores the miracles of nature described in the Word.


On our trek through the Holy Land, we'll visit Judge Deborah under her palm of peace. We'll sniff the crocus blossoms in King Solomon’s garden and dip our toes in the Sea of Galilee as we listen to Jesus teach.


Whether you're fascinated by spiders, eagles, butterflies, donkeys, or the moon’s phases, the nature stories in the Bible hold captivating tales and spiritual lessons for you. No matter what age you are, each chapter of Snapshots holds opportunities for you to learn about nature and grow closer to God.